As an active member in our community, Wesbild believes sustainable impact is rooted in giving back. We believe that a thoughtfully designed community unlocks the potential for individuals to unite and spark positive change that will ripple into future generations.

Two long-standing partners we are proud to support are the Coquitlam School District and SHARE Family and Community Services Society, an independent, non-profit, community-based organization providing leadership and programs in response to the social needs of the residents of the
Tri-Cities, New Westminster and adjacent communities.

Coquitlam Alternate Basic Education (CABE) Program
Since 2012 Wesbild has been a proud supporter of CABE, an alternate school that offers self-paced learning in a small classroom environment designed for students who need a different educational experience. Through the years Wesbild has provided funding in support of various initiatives to ensure a supportive learning environment for CABE students including breakfast programs, education supplies and technology needs.

A New Outdoor Education Space for CABE
When CABE asked Wesbild for assistance to create an outdoor classroom we knew we had to help. We worked with Steve Bonnar from Bonnar Timber Excavation to create six cedar benches from an at-risk Western Red Cedar tree on Burke Mountain. The result is a new outdoor education space to support educators and students in the learning journey.

Wesbild LIFT Scholarship
In 2012 Wesbild launched its scholarship program, Leadership Initiative for Tomorrow (LIFT), through which CABE students apply to receive financial support in the pursuit of post-secondary education. To date, Wesbild has granted over $365,000 in scholarship funds to 137 CABE graduates who attend University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, and Douglas College. Scholarship recipients are pursuing careers in a diverse set of industries including youth justice, trades, business, social work, music and technology.

SHARE Family and Community Services Society
Wesbild is proud of the long-standing partnership it has formed with SHARE, which began in 2005. While the partnership began as support to SHARE’s food bank program, as SHARE’s community outreach initiatives grew, so too did Wesbild’s support including:
• The purchase, retro-fit and no-cost use of building facilities from which SHARE operates food bank services
• Support to SHARE’s annual fundraiser, Imagine Gala, as Presenting Sponsor since 2012
• Funding and installation of awnings at the SHARE food bank facility to provide shelter to community members and staff
• Ongoing volunteer initiatives at SHARE food bank

Since 2005, Wesbild has provided cost-free use of the retro-fitted building facility that houses SHARE food bank operations and services.

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