Wesbild Donates $20,000 for New Book Bus

Last week, Wesbild announced a $20,000 donation to the Coquitlam Public Library to help fund their Book Bus.

The library has been raising money to replace the Book Bus after a fire destroyed the original bus in 2014. The new Book Bus will feature over 3000 library books, publications and resources, and will be fully wheelchair accessible. The Book Bus is expected to be in service in July 2015.

Coquitlam Library Book Bus Donation

“The new Book Bus will fulfil an important role by bringing library services to the doorsteps of all communities in Coquitlam, including Burke Mountain,” said Kevin Layden, President and CEO of Wesbild Holdings. “Wesbild is pleased to contribute to this important project that will make a visit to the library more accessible for families, students and seniors.”

“We are pleased to have Wesbild support this important services,” said Library Director Todd Gnissios. “With this mobile Library Link we bring the power of discovery, creativity and knowledge out into our neighbourhoods and provide them a doorway to all of the services the Library offers.”

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