Encompass Art Program

Encompass K-9, located in Coquitlam, BC, is a distributed learning program that offers students from Kindergarten to Grade Nine unique full-time educational options tailored to the needs of each student and family.  It provides small group setting support, self-paced learning and flexible scheduling.

Encompass has a mission to ensure quality learning opportunities for all students working in partnership with teachers, students and parents.

Wesbild was pleased to partner with Gemco Construction to support an art program at Encompass for the 2017/18 school year.  Students participated in art lessons and a helped to create new permanent school mural thanks to the $8000 committment. The lessons and mural project were led by Rosalynn Colombo, a local artist responsible for other school mural projects within in SD43. Students worked with Rosalyn to create their individual painted contributions to the project which combined to create the large mural.

Artist Rosalyn Colombo explained the mural as follows;

“When it comes to learning and teaching, nothing is black or white. There are grey and murky areas challenging students and teachers to find the right puzzle pieces to make the connections. Sometimes the process is very gradual like the blending of colours. The turtle was used as a metaphor for Encompass. The hard shell is the turtle’s protection. Inside the shell is the turtle’s home where it feels safe and comfortable. Turtles are very resilient creatures by nature and are somewhat underestimated by others. The turtle in this painting is a compass, representing how some students are lost and need guidance. It also acknowledges that not all students will take the same pathway on their journey to get to where they need to go. There are always going to be obstacles or challenges like the seaweed. The size and shape of the each individual person is different and they are connected not alone. Sticking together and supporting each other’s uniqueness helps with the journey.”

Art is important because it encompasses all the developmental areas in a child’s development.  Wesbild was proud to partner with Gemco to help make this art project a reality.

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